Lazy Day, but I had a Mission

Friday, Mar. 29, 2013, Guerneville, CA.

I had to give Irene a hug for Cindy today

I got up late today, seeing as I didn’t have anything to do until about two pm. Since I had all this time, once I was properly awake, I did a little vacuuming of the house this morning. It was over due, sometimes I wonder why I wait so long to do it as it doesn’t take all that much work and the vacuum cleaner does most of the work, but I’m just not into domestic chores so much and the older I get, the less I seem to care about a little dirt. :O)

I got all slicked up.

About 1:30 pm I put on clean clothes and headed for Lark’s Drug store in town where I had promised a certain lady named Lark that I would give an older lady who had worked there for sixty-five years a little hug for her, as she couldn’t attend the retirement ceremonies.

As I got there, the lady, Irene, was sitting in a chair outside receiving friends that wanted to say hi. Of course, just as I was about to step up and do my thing, this guy with a hard cover book of the area sat down beside her and showed her the whole book he had put together. He was proud of it, but he sure put a stop to her greeting for about fifteen minutes while he reviewed the book with her. I waited patiently, of course, as I had a mission to perform.

He finally left so I could do my thing.

He finally left and I first introduced myself as this lady had also waited on me as a kid in Lark’s Drugs, mostly buying candy as they sure had a nice selection in the old days. Then I told her I was an envoy of sorts for a certain lady we both knew and I was to gave her a big hug, which wasn’t easy as she was sitting down in a chair. That got a lot of smiles and we chatted for just a bit.

And the goodies looked real good too.

I had a look at all the goodies for the occasion, my mouth watered and I passed them up because they all are made out of  corn stuff, which I cannot eat anymore. It’s a low calorie thing for sure. :O)

Now for some kayaking.

After performing that mission, I headed down to Jenner to kayak for the rest of the day. I got on the water just after two pm. It was fairly calm, just a low warm breeze. I knew Raymond was down there somewhere, but I couldn’t see where he was, so I headed to the west end of Penny Island looking for him. I found him coming down the backside of the island. We shot the bull and slowly headed down toward the river’s mouth, where we spent some time. There were lot’s of birds and seals around.

After awhile we headed back toward the visitor’s center. Ray headed home and I took my kayak back around the backside of the island where I spent another hour or so before heading home myself.

I sure get tired doing this stuff for some reason?

Strange how, even though I don’t do much in the boat, I get real pooped out just the same. Maybe something to do with being at the ocean, or maybe something to do with the older age thing, do you think? :O)

At any rate, it was nap time when I got home, good thing I cleaned the house a little, earlier in the day.

Had a nice day.

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