Some Computers Are More Challenging

Monday, Mar. 4, 2013, Quartzsite, AZ.

Today’s project was to reload Marty’s computer

Marty’s computer had a nasty critter in it and it was past time to reload all the software to factory, so the plan for the day was to accomplish this task.

We had the factory DVD’s.

He did have all the factory dvd’s so it should have been fairly easy to accomplish this, but of course, it wasn’t. :O)

We started around noon by trying to get his pictures and stuff off the computer, but that nasty critter I mentioned had made all the stuff in the folders invisible, so that took some work.

The Factory DVD wouldn’t work right.

Then, of course we couldn’t get the factory DVD to work in the computer without some more work. Then, after getting that to work, it burped and said it wanted another DVD we didn’t have, or else. So I or elsed it and it worked, but of course, some drivers didn’t load right and we couldn’t get on the internet, because wireless didn’t work. That should have been a simple fix, but it wasn’t.

The library and a jeep ride.

During all this process, we drove over to the local library to download some driver stuff that didn’t work either after we got it, but we also went on a small jeep ride out by where I was camped to look for better camp sites.

Finally got the darn thing going.

We had some dinner and were still working on the computer. I think it was around seven pm the computer was good to go and the nasty critter was pronounced dead.

Sometimes, computers can give you a real good game. :O)

Had a good day.

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