Leaving Quartzsite For a Paddle On the Bill William’s River

Friday March 25, 2022 Lake Havasu Arizona


I left Quartzsite around 9:30 this morning headed North on highway 95 to Parker to do a bit of shopping for eats, then on up the highway to the Bill William’s River to do a little kayaking.

Bill William’s river

Here I am at the Bill William’s boat ramp ready to get the boat off the van.van1


It wasn’t long and the boat was in the water and I was heading the short distance to the mouth of the Bill William’s river, that’s where the river comes into Lake Havasu. As you can see it was a  nice day with the wind down which is always nice.boat2


There are lots of cat tails down here which I paddled around and through them a lot.catails3


Resting birds

I paddled by these cormorants and the duck which seemed to be resting there.birds4


White Pelicans

And I saw these two white pelicans swimming around the area. These two appear to be males from the bumps on their beaks.policans5


There’s the bridge just up ahead as far as I’m going up the river today as I’ve been here before and already went up the river exploring so no need to do it again.bridge6


I just paddled under the bridge and am now turning around to cross over to the other side and kayak along the cat tails.bridge7


Lake Havasu

I was now headed down the right side of the river and out into Lake Havasu a bit around the right side following the cat tails.river8



I paddled by some more cormorants sunning in the sun.cormorants9


And then I paddled into this inlet as I knew it opened up on the other side.catails10


I paddled on through here too.lake11


And back out  on the lake and into these cat tails where I took a bit of a break.ducks12


From there I  headed on in and went by these two grebe.grebes13


I put my boat back on the van and sat around in the van resting up until about five when I started up highway 95 to find a camp for the night.

First dirt road

I knew of a spot but I wasn’t sure I could find the road so I took the first dirt road to the right I came too where I could see some RV’s parked around the area.

I drove on in and up the dirt roads to the top tier and parked here for the night. No one else was up this high. It overlooked Lake Havasu which was way down below from where I parked although it may not look like it in the picture.

Camp spot for the night.van14



Some sunsets are more colorful than others. This was sunset tonight.sunset



I plan to head for Pahrump tomorrow and camp somewhere around there tomorrow night.

Nice day.

Posted from Pahrump, Nevada

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4 Responses to Leaving Quartzsite For a Paddle On the Bill William’s River

  1. I quite like this post, as well!
    I had to sell my canoe this year. I just cannot manage it anymore. I enjoyed your trip!

  2. Gaelyn says:

    Glad you got the kayak wet. Lovely birds, Grebes are a favorite.

  3. Patsy+Irene says:

    You’ve left just in time, with this heat. It would be beautiful on the water and I’m glad you got the yak out. She’ll be happy! You always seem to find cormorants and other lovely nature along your journey. :)

  4. Nancy Kissack says:

    I’m always amazed at the cattails along the river. Great pictures! Curious to see where you’ll camp in Pahrump.

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