Kayaking Day on the Bill William’s River, AZ.

Monday February 24, 2014 Bill Williams River, AZ.

And I had a little fall too

When I woke this morning, I was feeling real lazy, so I stayed in bed a bit longer. Eventually, the sun warmed the van up enough to make me want to get up, so, I did.

I was camped on Sun Kiss Rd, just outside of Quartzsite.Qcamp


I headed over to the Quartzsite Library to connect to the internet and posted yesterdays blog. I read a few blogs, but I get way behind when I travel. I did see, Al, of The Bayfield Bunch had one of those Hippasarous bones too. :O)

From there, I got on 95 north and headed for Parker, AZ. I wanted to do a little shopping for groceries, which I did.

Back on the road headed for the Bill Williams River launch ramp area, just south of the River Bridge. No one was there when I pulled in, but eventually two other cars came down and launched boats too. It was a nice day out, low breeze with the sun shinning.

Here is a picture of the information board I read. Click on it to make it bigger.billsign


My kayak getting ready to go at the launch area. Nice looking water, eh?kayak


Since I’d been here before, there was really no need to kayak all the way up the river. One usually finds a bunch of bass type fishing boats up that way, so I stayed down near the bridge. and paddled around just taking it easy. I felt real lazy, so I rested a lot, just watching things.

This is what it looked like paddling around.river


One of the places I stopped just checking things out.view


There were quite a few of these Grebes on the water today, making screeching noises.grebe


Another Grebe passing me by.grebe2


On the right side where the river comes into the lake, paddling down stream, there is this little cove that usually has lots of birds in it, because the boaters don’t go into it, so I went over and spent some time in it and just looked around. In a way, it’s a better spot than the river.


This little duck showed up beside my boat.duck


I stayed in this spot for awhile before heading on in for the day, this is looking back towards the launch area.



There is my van waiting for me as I returned for the day.launch


I loaded my boat on the van and headed north on the highway to find a place to camp. I knew of one just up the road a few miles, just past the place all the RV’s boondock, which I headed to.

I found a camp spot and settled in for the night. Had some dinner and was taking it easy.

That’s when I did something stupid and fell

Yes, I have a little step stool outside my van that I can step on to make it easier to get in and out of the van. I stepped down on it and it turned over and my left foot skidded off it and hit the ground, just before the rest of me did too. It was in sand, that’s why it turned over, so most of me hit on the not too hard side, but……………….that darn left ankle twisted and crunched just a bit, not good. And I got all dirty too.

I’m not sure how much damage I did to my ankle. It hurts a bit and feels stiff. I’ll know better in the morning to just how much damage I did to it. I can stand on it without too much pain, so it can’t be too bad.

However, I was counting on the ankle to take me on some hikes in the KOFA, so I may have to change some plans. Only time will tell? :O)

Tomorrow’s plan

My plan is to go back and kayak the Bill William’s river for a few hours, then head on back to Quartzsite and check in with Marty and Patti and stay at my campsite there for the night.

I was doing good today until, in a split second, I fell. Things can happen so fast.

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