Low Wind So a Good Day For a Much Needed Paddle

Tuesday March 30, 2021 Jenner CA.

Armstrong Valley Farm

First thing I did was walk over to my brother’s garden to see what they were doing. They were planting something maybe potatoes.garden1


Off for a paddle

Then I got my gear together and headed down to Jenner to kayak for the day as it was a low wind day and the sun was out nice too.

I put my boat in the water and headed up river about a mile. This pair of merganser ducks moved out of my way as I passed on by.ducks2


As always I paddled along the shoreline stopping here and there along the way.river3


I paddled up to this rock and sat and watched and enjoyed the peaceful day for a bit in this spot.river4


Then I moved back down the river a bit and sat in this spot for a bit.boat5


There weren’t a lot of critters around today as this is nesting time for most of them.

I paddled down the backside of Penny Island going by this old redwood stump.stump6


The Slot

This spot is on the lower end of the Penny Island back channel which I call the Slot. It’s a good spot to pull into and sit and watch.slot7


This is my view from the slot looking across the island at the town of Jenner. Very peaceful in the Slot so I sat for a good long time in this spot resting and watching.slot8


Three Damsels in distress

As I left that spot three little girls were walking up the shoreline wanting to talk to me. The wind had blown one of their toys into the water and it was drifting away and would I please get it for them as they didn’t know how to swim yet.  I said I would and retrieved it.box10


And brought it back to them as they waited.girls11


Headed to the mouth

From there I was headed down to the river’s open mouth where the river empties into the ocean. I went by a bunch of gulls siting and resting in the water.gulls12


Mouth area

As I paddled along I could see lots of gulls as they all jumped into the air spooked by something. And the ocean looked a bit rough as it splashed up on the rocks by the open mouth.gulls13


Dangerous spot

You can see some ocean waves as they break over the old jetty. The people aren’t too wise standing where they are as they risk a big wave washing them off and into the rocks. They got smart and left after this wave.ocean14


Pupping time

I paddled on by a bunch of harbor seals. I could see some new pups in amongst them as this is pupping time.seals15


Eventually I headed on back to the Jenner boat ramp and loaded up my stuff and went on home for the day.boatramp16


Something about the ocean tires one out so when I got home a nap was in order and that about did it for today.

Sucky internet

My internet still sucks and barely works most of the time and I hope they fix it tomorrow.

Nice day.

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