Making a Portable Shed Frame and Getting the Old Van’s Front Springs Fixed Up

Friday March 17, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Making a frame

I need a foundation frame for a small movable shed I want to build. I have some old  metal that I can weld some smaller pieces together to make it. I set things up to weld some pieces together to make them longer.channel1


I welded the shorter pieces together to make it the length I need.welded5


Old van repairs

While that metal is cooling down, I jacked up the old van to work on the front springs.van2


Cheater bar

I needed to loosen up the big nuts on the U bolts to adjust  the springs. The big nuts are on tight and real hard to get loose, so I used a cheater bar to help get them off.spring1


Here’s the setup I started with, but I had to use a longer cheater bar as that one was too short to get enough leverage on the big nuts.cheaterbar5


It only took a couple hours to loosen the big nuts on the U bolts as they were real  hard to get loose. Once the U bolts were loose, I could adjust the springs to fix up their alignment.

New shackles and bushings

Once that was done, I was able to install the new spring shackles and bushings.shackle6


Not enough energy

I’ll have to tighten the big nuts back up tomorrow as I don’t have enough energy to do that today.

Foundation frame

I spent the rest of the day making this foundation frame for my new shed. I put it on blocks to level it up so I can get it all welded up right.frame7


I got a good start on that foundation frame, but it got dark on me before I got it finished up. I need to get some more stuff to finish it up before I can finish it anyway.

Nice day.

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