Working On My New Shed and Clearing a Spot For It

Thursday March 23, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Shed work

Since I did my shopping yesterday, it was time to get back on making my movable foundation for my new shed. I started by cutting the pieces for the corners. I had some one inch rebar that I used for the backside and I used some short pieces of two inch steel pipe fro the front side, I had laying around. I had to cut the short pieces of the pipe ends off to make them square for welding them together to get the size I needed.shed1


It’s hard to see, but here  I’ve got a corner pipe propped up and squared and am ready to weld it up.corner


Corners on

I got all four corners welded up and ready for the next step.corners2


My back said that was enough welding for one day so I switched gears.

The shed will go here

I’m thinking of putting the shed in this spot where all the plum trees are. Of course that means I need to cut those plum trees down and clean up the mess. I have plenty of these wild plum trees so I can stand to lose some of them. The trees on the left are cherry trees which I will spare as they aren’t in the way.trees


I started by moving the steel roof pieces I piled up there yesterday as they were in the way now that I picked that spot for the shed. metal


Big mess

I cut all the trees down and now there’s a big mess to clean up, later, as the day was getting late and my back was screaming. I got a few light drizzles while doing that, but not really enough to get very wet.cuttrees


One more thing

I sat down to rest up and do some chair hopping, but once I was rested up I got the big chainsaw and cut this old rotten log up into three foot sections. My brother Tom is going to come by with his tractor and dig out all the plum tree stumps for me.log


Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    You may live in Eden (sounds like it to me anyway, with all that water and things growing), but you still keep working. Not lolling about for sure.

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