Those Darn Van U-Bolt Nuts and A Rock Rack For the Quad Runner

Saturday March 18, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Van work

I needed to get those big ol U bolt nuts tightened up so I set things up to crawl under the van. I used a two foot cheater pipe on my breaker bar and still had to push that bar with all my might. I worked on it a bit, then did some other stuff until I was rested up and could work on it again throughout the day.vabwirj


New shed frame

After I was tired of turning big nuts, I worked on this shed frame some more.frame


Quad rock rack

I’d like to be able to haul a big rock or two on my quad runner so I removed the old rack and set it up to weld some more rods on it once I had them cut.weld


I’m making the spaces smaller between the bars that were already on the rack.rack


Once I  had all the new bars welded on, I got out the paint and painted it, mostly to make it look better.weldedupp


While the paint was drying on the rack, I worked on the new shed frame some more. I have all the foundation parts made now and need to weld them all together, but not today.framework


Here’s the new improved rock rack I worked on today, all mounted up. I just need the new battery and the rig should be ready to roll.quad


Nice day.

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