Meeting Day, Dirt Bike Rides, Weeding and Enjoying the Day With the Chickens

Thursday August 5, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Meeting day

My brother Barry and I were to have a meeting with a real estate type guy at 1PM so I had some time to kill.


While sitting in one of  my chairs I noticed some weeds were getting a bit high in the front yard. The chickens aren’t doing their job, I might have to fire them. :O)

Anyway this spindle type weed machine does a good job on weeds. I fueled it up and worked weeds for about a half hour.weeding


Dirt biking

My brother showed up and went off on his dirt bike until  meeting time.Barry


Meeting time

Barry returned from his ride just before the guy showed up, a little late.

So we sat here and exchanged information and we all learned some stuff. We chatted for about an hour and a half and he went on his way.metting


Let’s go have some fun

Barry said he was going for a little dirt bike ride and asked if I wanted to go. A bit of thought and why not, so I got my green bike out and got ready to go.bikes


Dirt biking

Barry’s a little  faster rider than I  so I let him go first and off we went on up into the redwood forest in the  hills.

We rode down this trail.trail


And on up this road heading for the top of the hills.road


Break time

We turned around here and then rode on up to the what we call the Top of the World where we sat down for a break.mountains


Headed for home

After that break Barry says let’s head for  home so we worked our way back down the hills where he went on home after discussing his gate installation he’s working on at his house.

Enjoying the day


So I spent most of the rest of the day chair hopping and just puttering around the yard enjoying the rest of the day inter facing with the chickens.

Grazing chickens

My chickens wanted out into the front yard late in the day so I let them out.gate


I was hopping the new chicks would get out with the mature ones more but as you can see these are all grown ups grazing away.chickens11


Most of the chicks are hanging out back near their pens, but at least they did get out a little so I hope they get braver and graze with the big guys soon.chicks10

Nice day.

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