Rodent Trap Improvements And the Young Chicks Go Out To Graze

Wednesday August 4, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rodent trap work

These rodent traps I’ve been working on have been sitting around taking up space and getting in the way so I thought I’d work on them a bit.

Smaller trap

I started out with the smaller one that needed some smaller wire on it as the one inch stuff lets too many rodents escape and the trigger pan needed some mods to improve it’s trip rate so I worked on that for a couple hours and got it done.

Trap ready to work on.trap1


Making mulch

After that I did some chair hopping and decided to put some water on the big woodchip pile to start it mulching faster.waterclips2



Then my brother Tom came by with his trailer that he needed to check out the lights and air up  the tires as he is going to be picking up a side by side he’s purchasing.trailer3


Chicks need to get out to graze

I’ve been letting my chicks out into the yard for the first times lately trying to get them to go out and feed with the older chickens. They’ve been slow moving out from the chicken pens they are used to but are finally starting to go further from the pens. Those two white ones are young ones heading out to graze with the big guys.chicks4


The last trap to repair

Eventually I got back to work on the last rodent trap I need to repair and improve. Well, I mostly studied what needed to be done to fix it as I had enough trap repair for one day.trap6


Becoming braver

More of the young chicks moved out to graze today so I think they are getting the idea and becoming braver.chicks7



I collected the day’s eggs and noted this broody chicken in the nest which I will move to the roost with the others after dark.eggs


Mr. Rooster

The chickens have been tearing this woodchip pile up. It’s amazing how much stuff a small bird can tear up and move. The white bird on top is the main rooster watching over the flock.pile8


Raspberry patch work

I’d been meaning to do some trimming of the older vines that already  had berries so I got out the loppers and headed for the patch.patch


There are some berries to nibble on as I work.berries10


These are some of the spent vines I cut out.canes9


They got hauled to the mulch container to mulch out of course.mulch11


After that it was late in the evening so I did some final chair hopping and enjoying the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    You manage to find many jobs to do on the property and even time for some chair hopping.
    Nice to see the young chicks getting braver and wandering out of the pen.
    The berries that I can see look quite plump – of course you’ve probably eaten the best ones!

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