Monte Rio to the Summer Dam, Steelhead Fishing

Saturday January 18, 2014 Monte Rio CA.

Kayaking up the river from Monte Rio

I was off to Monte Rio around ten thirty this morning to kayak. I thought I’d go down river to Duncan’s Mills. But when I got to Monte Rio, I decided to go up river since the river’s mouth is still closed and  it would make it easy to get past the shallow spot below the Monte Rio Bridge as the mouth backs the water up all the way to the Vacation beach summer dam.

I had to wait for two guys with kayaks to get out of the way on the boat ramp, but soon got my boat in the water. This is the view I had as I entered the water at Monte Rio today, looking up river past the boat ramp.monterio2


In some places the mist was still on the water. Nice reflections today. This is looking up river just below the Northwood Golf Course.view


This little grebe popped up beside me as I was sitting in some weeds.grebe


Continuing up the river, This is just past the Bohemian hole.russianriver


I passed this egret sitting on the shore getting some sun.egret3


Up the river, not too far from the Vacation beach summer dam, I spied this guy in a red shirt. Now, almost no one fishes with a red shirt, except, Red Fred which I run into every once in awhile. Was that him? It was.

I shot the bull with him for  a bit and we traded fishing tips, even though I don’t fish. He said he was doing real good with the fishing until some seals swept by on the hunt and fishing went to hell after that, but it was a nice day.

Red Fred fly fishing on the Russian River.redfred


I continued on up the river and ran into these guys fishing just a ways below the summer dam.fishermem


Lots of fisher people having fun fishing for steelhead. I heard they caught one just before I got


I talked with some of them just a bit and went on up to where the summer dam area was.

Lots of fisher people up there too. That’s part of the summer dam, looking up the


I turned around  at the dam and and found a spot to have something to eat before starting back down the river.

Just as I passed the guys in the boats, I heard, fish on and looked back up the river and saw this action.

Fish on.fishon


He didn’t land it, it either got away or he let it loose, which they do often if it’s not a hatchery fish, as you can only keep hatchery fish, not the natives.

Shortly after that, I spied this little duck off to the side. I think it might be a Redhead, but don’t really know. I’m not too good on a lot of the ducks.redhead


I was continuing on down the river and was almost to the golf course area when this turtle caught my attention. I haven’t seen many turtles on the river this year, they seem to be on the decline for some reason.turtle


I took my time flouting down the river and eventually I made it back to the Monte Rio boat ramp where these ducks greeted me. The ducks are real friendly in the Monte Rio area.ducks


It’s hard to believe it’s winter time around here with all the nice weather we’ve been having on the river. Sure could use some rain though.

Nice day kayaking, as usual.

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