Seals and Lots of White Pelicans at Jenner

Monday September 23, 2013 Jenner, CA.

White Pelicans……………..Welicans

I started the day off with a trip to the shopping center to order a new sky light for the broken one on my roof. That went well, I think and I’ll should be able to pick it up in a couple weeks.

From there I headed to Jenner and got there just about noon and put my boat in the water and headed across to Penny Island were I sat for awhile watching things. After awhile I headed on up the river at a leisurely pace, stopping in spots to sit and watch. I worked my way up to otter’s log and then to Eagle’s landing and started to go a little past that, but felt lazy and turned back down the river. I guess you could say there wasn’t much happening, but then again, there were some seals in the water and several different birds in the water and on the shore and maybe I’m just getting use to it all and not much is happening? It was a nice day just sitting around on the water enjoying the nice scenery.

Eventually, I worked my way down the back channel of Penny Island and found some birds on the west end of the island. Some white pelicans and some seagulls.

So, finally I got the camera out and shot a picture of these birds on the west end of Penny Island. The seagull on the right seems to have something in it’s beak?birds


OK, I like my birds and critters in pictures without houses and such, so I took a few photos and headed down to the river’s mouth, figuring I’d get some more photos of these guys on the way back, from a different direction to eliminate the houses.

Just past that spot, there were a bunch of harbor seals in the water, fifty or more, I’d say, they aren’t easy to count in the water as they move a lot, sorta like the otters.

Here’s a photo looking down toward the river’s mouth, the black specks in the picture are harbor seals, can’t you tell?seals2


Here are some of them as I passed on by. One of them is sitting on a submerged redwood log, the others are swimming. It seemed like all the harbor seals were in the water today, as there were none on the shore at the mouth of the river.seals


I continued on down to the river’s mouth. Here is a picture of my view as I approached the river’s mouth, looking out into the Pacific ocean. Nice day, eh? :O)rivermouth


The ocean was a little on the rough side. These birds were resting on the sandy beach as the waves from the ocean broke on the shoreline behind them.birds2


There were a few brown pelicans mixed in with seagulls and some cormorants on the sandy beach too.pelican2


I paddled on past the mouth area to the end of the river and sat for awhile. several seals came pretty close to check me out.

Here’s one of them.seals4


As I was sitting there I heard this noise, a roaring sound that came and went. Something was working it’s way down the coast roaring and snorting and getting closer. Now if you didn’t know about trucks and engines and things, I’m sure this is what dragons or dinos might sound like if you were lucky and they passed you by. Sometimes they even belch smoke.IMG_1315


After enough day dreaming, I headed back to the west end of Penny Island to see if I could get some good pelican pictures.

Yes, they were still there, so I maneuvered on by them to get a good background.

This is the view of the white pelicans as I approached. They are sitting on the west end of Penny Island.pelicans


I got a bit closer, but didn’t want to get too close and scare them off.pelicans4


I caught this one taking a bath. The seagull on the left has something in it’s beak which I didn’t notice right away.bath


And this white pelican is coming in for a landing. Such grace for such a big bird.



These three were sorta off to the side by themselves. They are just resting in the water, sorta like I do.pelicans3


From there I paddled back up to the area of the visitor’s center and sat around in that area for awhile until I got tired and pulled my boat out of the water around four PM.

I went on home and took a nap and had something to eat, which meant another nap, then I went outside and picked up some of the brush I cut in the yard the other day and then sat around enjoying the fall evening.

Nice day at Jenner.

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