More Cormorants, and a Hike Kayaking Jenner

Monday February 17, 2014 Jenner CA.

A hike on the Poison Oak Alley Trail at Jenner

I decided not to be off on my trip to Quartzsite today and I’m glad I postponed it, as I watched all the traffic go by today while I was kayaking.

Since I had most of the stuff put in my van I had time to go kayaking, so I went down to Jenner.

When I arrived, the wind was up to around twenty five MPH, so I headed up stream to the Eagle’s Landing area as it’s usually not quite so windy in that area and besides, I’d had enough of the river’s mouth area yesterday with the seasickness thing. The sun was mostly out with just a little overcast.

When I arrived at Eagle’s Landing, I looked across the river towards Paddy’s rock and, boy, were there a lot of cormorants sitting over there. cormorants2


I took a rough count and there were around two hundred of them. cormorants


From there I paddled up the river a little further while the wind was picking up some more. Seemed like a good idea to go back down the river a bit to get out of some of the wind, but I wasn’t in to going to the river’s mouth, after my seasick day, yesterday, so I was thinking of going for a little hike at Swamp Rock. And besides, I needed to test out my legs as they are finally starting to get a bit better after sliding down  Red Slide a few weeks ago.

A hike to Swamp Rock

I was looking over there at the shore line, where I would put ashore and go for a little hike.shoreview


I put ashore and tied my boat to a bush to make sure it would be there when I got back. Tying ones boat up is sorta like tying ones horse up. Hopefully it will be there when I get back.jenner


Swamp Rock is in a swampy area, sometimes it has water in it and sometimes it doesn’t.

That’s Swamp Rock up there on the hillside, right about center of the picture. I tried to walk over there,……….but.swamprock


Ok, so it’s going to be a hike on Poison Oak Alley Trail

I followed the trail over to the rock and eventually, the trail turned to water, so I abandoned that idea and decided to walk up the river on the Poison Oak Alley trail that goes all the way up to Eagle’s landing and beyond. Eagles landing is about three quarters of a mile.

Swamp water on the trail to Swamp Rock.trail


There’s a plastic chair on the trail under a fir tree that I sat at for awhile. Nice place for a chair. I salvaged it from the river a couple months ago and put it there for just such a purpose.chair


Continuing on up the trail, I passed through this Horse Tail grass area.horsetails


Eagle’s Landing Area

Continuing on, I arrived at the Eagle’s Landing area, which is real scenic.trail3


I walked up the hill a little under these big fir trees.trail4


I hung around the Eagle’s Landing area for a bit, before heading on back down the trail at a leisurely pace, taking my time, as I was getting a bit tired by now.

A piece of the trail as I passed, more Horse Tail grass and yes, there is poison oak mixed in with that stuff, it’s mostly everywhere.trail6


I was getting close to were my boat was, so I dropped down on the shoreline here and continued on down to my boat.jenner2


By this time, the wind was up big time and the waves were rather large as I crossed back over to the visitor center. I had to put my camera away when I got to the big wave stuff as the wind was trying to take my paddle out of my hands and  had to pay attention to things if I didn’t want to capsize.

The waves are larger out there where the white caps are, but I had to put my camera away and pay attention to business as I crossed over to the boat ramp.waves


Needless to say, there weren’t many other people on the river here today, and that was just fine with me.

Had a nice day.

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