Chickens in the Rain and I Work In the House

Saturday November 30, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Chickens like rain

It was raining this morning as I got it going. I got my umbrella and went out to care for the chickens. I opened the gates but figured they wouldn’t likely go out in the rain but I was wrong.

As long as it wasn’t raining too hard they went on out to graze in the grasses and weeds.chicks


Inside time

The rain meant I’d likely spend some time inside today which I did.

I did get some spider webs down with the vacuum and rearranged some furniture and a few other things cleaned up too like washing my socks.

Extra feed for the chickens

Late in the day I went out to see how my chickens were doing. They wanted out and were waiting at the gate. I didn’t let them out but put out some fresh feed for them figuring it might a a damp night as more rain is supposed to come in.

The chickens would like to come through that gate to graze some more places, but instead I fed them some more feed. It’s raining and they should get out of the rain eh.gate


That needed done for a long time

I also cleaned out my bathroom drawers and cabinets of all the old stuff I had in there, toothbrushes and meds and ointments and creams all went as I don’t use that stuff any more with my corn allergy problem and besides most of it was outdated. I do use tooth brushes but I like the modern ones best so the old ones, even new, went, except for a few I kept to clean stuff. I filled up a whole shopping bag full of stuff. Good riddance.

I made good use of a rainy day I figure as I got some stuff done that needed done for a long time.

Nice rainy day eh. :O)

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One Response to Chickens in the Rain and I Work In the House

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    That’s what rainy days are for and although the chickens don’t know enough to stay out of the rain they were contained and had enough food.
    I laughed at your use of the Canadian slang, eh? Love it!

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