New Chicks, Well Work, Blueberries and Cherries And a Picture

Saturday May 15, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Hatching Chicks

Tomorrow was to be chick hatching day, day 21 but when I went out to tend the chickens it appears some of the chicks arrived early.chick


Little feet

Momma hen was being protective and hiding most of the chicks as can be seen by the little feet sticking out from under her.legs


Old well

It was back to work on the old well cleanout most of the day. It’s a slow process getting the sand and silt out of the bottom of the well but I am making some progress.well


Some of  my chickens kept me company while I was working ,digging in the wet spots from the water I was dumping on the ground from the process.chickens


The picture

Around 4 I grabbed this picture and drove on down to Guerneville to talk with Cheryl S. about selling it for me as it’s one of the things she likes to do. She said she’d do it and we shot the bull for a bit before John joined us and he and I went outside to shoot the bull some more while Cheryl stayed in the kitchen because she was painting it.picture


Where’s the chicks

Back home I went out to the chicken pen to see if I could get some more chick pictures but mamma hen had them all covered up.hen



Then I went back to work on the sediment removal and made a few more inches into the sediment.wellhole



Just before dark I made my rounds around the yard. These blueberries are just barely starting to turn color and should be ripening soon.berries


Yummy cherries

I was surprised to find my cherries are starting to ripen up too so if the birds don’t get them all I’ll be eating those soon too. This will be the first year I’m had this many cherries. Yummy.cherries


Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    There’s not much I enjoyed more than the baby chicks on the ranch. Moms are so protective, I love it when they cover them all up. It’s fun to watch them teach the chicks to scratch!!

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