Checking Off Wires As Each One Get’s Hooked Up

Saturday August 14, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Van’s burnt wire repairs

Today I’d planned to do some more work on the van’s burned up wiring.

I was a little slow getting started, not really feeling into it so I did some chair hopping around the  yard until I got with it and got to work on the wires. I started working in this area.van


Solving things

I’m at a point where I needed to solve what unknowns I still hadn’t figured out so I had my nose in wires most of the day solving each one and moving onto the next one. Sometimes I  had to go online to look up the wiring on some part.

Lots of wires are hooked up under the drivers seat. I’m almost through in this area, at least until testing time when I power things up with the battery.wires


Not all work

Occasionally I’d take a break and walk around the yard doing some chair hopping and thinking about what to do next.

Little guys

The young chickens are getting braver each day. I let them out into this area early before all the rest of the mature birds get in it just to encourage the young ones to wonder further without the interference of the mature birds.chicks


Enough work for one day

I worked on the van until early evening when I shut it up for the day and mostly just sat around enjoying the nice evening.

I did gather some eggs about a weeks worth and moved them to the fridge.eggs


Nice day.

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