New Spring Work Continues and So Does the BlackBerry Vine Removal

Friday May 19, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Spring work

I grabbed the tools and headed on up to the new spring to do some work.

Dirt slide

This dirt slid down on top of it from the hillside so I needed to remove it, so that’s where I started to work. It took about forty five minutes to remove that dirt and get it back to where I’d left it last time I worked on it.dirt1


The next step

Once I got the dirt cleaned up, the next step was to connect all five water flows to one spot and that was to the right where most of the water was coming out of the hillside by the shovel. The dirt under the shovel needs to be dug out about a foot so the water from the left, which is down hill from that one, will flow to the one on the right.springs2


In other words, I needed to dig out this area and slope it down to where the shovel is. I got to it and got it done and needed a rest. spring3


Slid again

But as I sat down in my chair, the hillside came down again and filled things back up with dirt that needs to be removed again.dirt4


The dirt sliding down like that was to be expected and it’s removal is just part of the job.

As I was sitting there resting up, I decided to not to that today as I was already tired out enough, so after my rest, I went back home for more resting up.

Pink roses

While wondering around the yard I noticed my climbing pink roses were blooming nicely.roses5


Pink roses.pinks6


Blackberry vines

I spent a couple hours cutting more blackberry vines out of the raspberry patch and finally got most of them cut out of there.

I need to get all the blackberry vines cut in the yard before I go on a trip or when I come back they will be like Jack’s bean stock.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Well that was disheartening!

    I had forgotten just how much work spring is.

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