Nice Day and Some More Rock Work On the Water Crossing

Saturday December 18, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Nice day out

It was such a nice day out I just puttered around the yard and chair hopped for a couple hours once I fed the chickens.yard1


Some work and exercise

But around two or so I was feeling like accomplishing something today while the weather is good as some rain storms are coming in soon.

A little exercise would be good too so I took my Toyota up into the hills to gather some rocks for the washed out crossing I’ve been working on.


I knew where there were some more rocks to gather from a little road slide so I drove on up there and parked here and loaded up all these rocks.road2


It wasn’t enough to fill my rig up so I backed into this spot to pick up the rocks laying around.rig4


There were a few big rocks laying on the road which I got loaded.rig3


Plugged spring water line

While I was resting up a bit I heard some water running just below where I was loading the rocks. It seems there is a plugged up water line as water was shooting out an air vent.water5


I  walked down and had a look to see if it was something I could fix but I didn’t have any tools with me to take the line apart to find out what was plugging the line up.  I didn’t find anything pinching the line so there must be something that has gotten inside the line.

We have plenty of spring water coming down the hill in another water line so this can wait to get fixed at a later time.

No rocks here

The Toyota still was not full of rocks so I drove up to this spot where I knew there where some nice rocks,………. But.

I’d forgotten I already had picked up this bunch of rocks.norocks6


On up the road

I knew where there where some more rocks way up the hill so I started heading that way but found a couple other spots on the road to gather rocks, like this spot.rocks7


Load of rocks

I was able to fill up the rig nicely at this spot so I headed back down the hill to the crossing I was working on.loadrocks8


The crossing

Here I am at the crossing I’ve been repairing with rocks and am now ready to unload these rocks.crossing9


Finishing up and getting dark

It was starting to get dark as I finished up unloading the rocks.crossing10


We’ll see how this holds up during the rain storms that are on their way. It should be ok but sometimes making little adjustments can improve things after seeing how the water flows.crossing11


My rigs headlights don’t work so I hurried on home.

Nice day.

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