Old Trail Work Up In the Redwood Forest

Sunday January 9, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Trail work day

I didn’t have anything planned for the day so I might as well go up into the redwood forest and do some more trail work and get a bit of exercise doing it.

Road clearing

I took a rope with me to drag a downed tree out of the way on a road that I was going to get on the way back but I was day dreaming while riding along and took the road with the tree on it on the way up so I hooked the rope on the tree and gave it a pull with the quad runner enough to clear the road.tree


I was headed up to the waterfall area so I rode up this trail through the redwoods and ferns.trail


And then I turned onto this trail, almost up to the falls.trail3


Park and walk

The falls is as far as I can go on the quad runner so I parked and walked up to the falls.quad



The waterfall water is getting less as the recent rains have been slowing down so the waterfall slows down too.fall


I continued on past the falls as I was working on the old trail just above it.fall6


Tired out and headed home

I worked most of the day on cleaning up the old trail and was more than beat about 4PM so loaded up the quad runner with my tools and took this trail back down the hill and on to my house.trail8


Back home I was too worn out to do  much and it was almost dark so I called it a day.

I got some work done and got my exercise for the day.

Nice day.

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