Organ Pipe National Monument

Thursday, Mar. 21, 2012. Ajo, AZ.

Trip south to Organ Pipe

The plan for the day was to go south on Highway 85 about thirty miles and do the 21 mile loop at Organ Pipe National Monument,  just above the Mexican border.

Marty, Patti and I were off around nine am in Marty’s red jeep and drove south thirty four miles to the Organ Pipe visitor’s center. Across the road from that was the 21 mile loop road that we took.

Below is a picture of the place I’ve been camping at night while in Ajo, just a couple miles out of town on Darby Wells Road.



The 21 mile loop road.

Below is a picture of the 21 mile loop road that we took.



Below is some of the scenery we saw along the way at a place we stopped to take a look around.



The meanest thing in the desert.

A fruiting cholla cactus, about six feet high. One of the most dangerous things in the desert down here.



Organ Pipes

Below you can see a picture of a pipe organ.



The road took us up into the mountains, where we saw this big arch as you can see below.



Lunch along the road.

We stopped for lunch up in the hills, as pictured below.



Sick mouse.

While driving along this mouse was on the road, moving very slow like he wasn’t doing too good. Below is a picture of this mouse.



Another picture of the road as we traveled down it.



After we did the road, we went over to the visitor’s center to have a look around, then headed for home. We were all beat when we got back, so naps were in order.

Dinner at Marcela’s café.

After the naps, we went to a local restaurant to have some dinner that was very good. Marcela’s café  was the name of the place.

We plan to go back to Quartzsite tomorrow.

Had a nice day.

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