Quartzsite camps

Friday, Mar. 22, 2013, Quartzsite, AZ.

We are back in Quartzsite

We left Ajo this morning around 9:30 am and headed north on highway 85, up to highway I-10 to Quartzsite and we’re back without incident around 12:30 pm. I went out to my Quartzsite camp where I spent the rest of the day resting up and taking it easy until four when I came back over to Marty and Patti’s. Patti made us some dinner and now I’m doing the blog.

Below is a picture of my camp site just outside of Quartzsite. It’s nice and quiet here and I think it’s ok to camp too. No one has bothered me.



Below is a picture of Marty and Patti’s RV place in Quartzsite where I also sometimes stay.


They have a nice little pond in the back. Below is a picture of the nice little pond.



I think it’s time to wrap up this trip and head for home, so tomorrow morning I will head out towards home and may do the whole trip home in one shot if I feel up to it.

I’ve had some great adventures down here this time. It’s been a good trip. I was able to do all that I had planned except visit with Madeline and her neighbors in Dateland.

Had a nice day.

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