Paddling Down to Monte Rio From Steelhead Beach

Friday April 3, 2015 Guerneville CA.

I met Ray at Monte Rio this morning at 10:30 at the boat ramp. We moved his boat to the top of my car and headed on up the river to Steelhead Beach, leaving his truck at Monte Rio for when we arrived later today.

We decided to do a shuttle today, from Steelhead Beach down to Monte Rio, about eleven miles.

We put our boats in the water about eleven AM and started the journey down the river. The sun was out with a light wind.

Here’s our view just after we hit the water at Steelhead Beach.russianriver


We paddled by this pair of mallard ducks.mallards


Another view as we drifted and paddled down the river.river


This pair of wood ducks came out from under some trees as we passed.woodduck


Here we are just above Summer Home Park drifting down the river at a leisurely pace.shp


We paddled by these two geese as we drifted down the river just below Summer Home Park.geese


Most of the willow trees on the river’s edge have their new leaves for the spring.river2


Here we are just approaching the Korbel summer bridge that isn’t in yet.korbelbridge


This goose was in the Korbel hole as we paddled on by. It joined us for a bit, then paddled off.goose


Steelhead fishermen

We were surprised to find all these fishermen at the Guerneville summer dam. It seems there are still some fresh steelhead fish to be


This was our view as we approached the Vacation Beach summer dam that isn’t in yet. Nice day.vacationbeach



We had been seeing a turtle here and there on the way down, but in this spot there were a bunch of them.turtle


Here’s a few more of the turtles on a redwood log.turtles


As we rounded the turn in the river by the  golf course, this green heron flew into the brush in front of us and commenced fishing.heron


River otters

Just below there, we heard a shriek under the trees. I went over to see what it was and it seems a couple river otters where having a bit of a spat.otters


Ray and I were both about tuckered out as we approached the Monte Rio area around 5:30 PM and took our boats out of the water. We loaded the boats on Ray’s truck and headed back to Steelhead Beach to pick up my car and went on home.

I know Ray had to cook dinner when he got home, but I didn’t have much in me to do anything but hit the couch for a good rest.

It was a nice paddle down the river, although a bit on the long side.  That was our day. I’m hitting the hay as soon as I publish this. :O)

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2 Responses to Paddling Down to Monte Rio From Steelhead Beach

  1. admin says:

    Hi Meg,
    I learned to kayak paddling up the river from Guerneville to as far as the rubber dam at Wohler bridge. Most of the time, I’d paddle from Guerneville to the bridge at Hacienda and back again. Most of this area is paddle-able, even in summer, with light current. Sometimes there might be a spot or two which is too shallow and too much current, but not often. Right now, there is a bit of current, so going up might be harder for some. I find it actually easier, but I stay on the river’s edges.

    Paddling up above towards the rubber dam, there is a bit more current and some shallows, but it’s doable too. If you paddle as far as the rubber dam, you have to portage around it, which isn’t a very nice portage, but then it’s a lake for quite a ways when the dam is up.
    These are all good areas for those that like to explore, as you just go and do what it takes to have a look around.
    The river is a bit wider and there is a bit more water, up and down, from Monte Rio, so it’s actually easier to go up or down in that area.

  2. Meg says:

    Hi Bob,
    I was wondering if it is generally deep enough to kayak around Steelhead Beach west to Guerneville, or east to Riverfront Regional Park? Is there a lot of river current to contend with?

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