Paint Bumper, Check Culvert, Butcher Chicken and Fall a Big Leaner Tree

Monday April 22, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Bumper paint

The first thing I did today was to put a coat of primer on the bumper I just built. Tom gave me a quart of paint he had and said it was real good stuff. It was some real good paint. Now let it dry for 24 hours.bumper

Old Culvert

I’d told a neighbor he could have to old culvert as I don’t use the things. It’s been laying there on the ground for years now. But what I didn’t know until Tom told me, was it had a lot of dirt in it, so I went up to check it out. Well, it wasn’t plugged up with dirt, but it did have quite a bit of dirt in it so the guys that were going to load it on a truck by hand wouldn’t be able to left it. So, we’ll have to use Skiddy to pick it up high in the air to dump the dirt out when they show up for it.culvert

Egg eating chicken

I discovered one of the chickens was eating 5 or 6 or so eggs every day, so I put it in a separate pen until I could deal with it and today was the day.

I set up the processing equipment and got the job done and it went into the Instant Pot for dinner tonight. It was the fattest chicken I ever butchered.chicken

After a nap, there was still enough time left in the day to do something else so I gassed up and loaded my chainsaws into Hondo and I headed up to my cousin’s place to clear some small dead trees out of a place we were going to get some rock for her driveway. On the way there, I ran into her going for a walk with her two dogs, so that was good as now I had a helper to help move the little dead trees after I cut them into small enough pieces for her to move.

Big leaner tree

While she was doing that, I cut this big fir tree down that was leaning badly over the road. It was leaning so bad I couldn’t cut it in the normal way with an undercut, so just had to cut it to get it down the best I could.

It fell and hung up on another tree and was blocking the road so I worked on cutting it into smaller pieces so I could roll them off the road.stump

I cut the tree into smaller pieces and rolled them off the road.cleared

That tired me out and my cousin caught me resting a bit.bob

Windy and foggy

After that, she and her two dogs took off for her home which was close by and I went down to a overlook where I thought I’d take a break,,,,,,,,,,,,,But.

The wind was blowing cold with fog coming in from the ocean, so I didn’t stay long and went on home.fog

Nice day.

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