Bumper Paint, Bumper Install and Barry Deals With a Big Log

Tuesday April 23, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Bumper paint

I put some more paint on the bumper this morning. I only did the bottom as today was a bit on the cold side and it was threating to rain, but it didn’t. I only wanted to paint the bottom of it as when I attach the bumper to Skiddy, I won’t be able to paint that part, but I can paint the rest of it after it’s attached.bumper

Wood cutting

Barry came by and was headed up into the forest to cut a big downed log into firewood. I said I’d be up later to check on him.

Bumper install

Tom came by with his tractor to help me install the new bumper on Skiddy. It was too  heavy for me to lift.


I got the bolts on it. There’s a reason for the two big slots on the sides of it.skiddy

Engine side covers

It’s so the engine side covers can come off to get to the battery and engine stuff. This shows why I needed the two side slots as the side engine covers come off in the back, if for some reason you can’t raise the boom, like for a dead battery.sidecover

I still need to drill a couple  more mounting holes and add a couple more mounting braces that still need to be welded on.

Barry’s wood cutting

This big madrone tree fell down during a storm last winter. It was still attached to the roots so Barry was up in the brush cutting it off the stump and we expected it to fall down on the road once he cut it through.


His chainsaw stopped but it didn’t fall. I asked if he got it cut all the way through. Yes, and all of a sudden it fell violently down the hill startling me, even though I was out of the way.log

The big log landed across the road. It was a big log and rather heavy.cutlog

Barry looks like he is down and hurt, but he is not.barry

He hooked up the log and chained it to his truck to see if he could pull it down onto the road.chain

He tried to pull it, but it didn’t hardly budge.pull

He was too beat to cut it up the rest of the way, so he left it there for another time.

He took off for home and I did the same.

Nice day.

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One Response to Bumper Paint, Bumper Install and Barry Deals With a Big Log

  1. Ken Solbakken says:

    I’ve had many close calls over the years falling trees and cutting firewood. Thank goodness Barry didn’t get seriously injured! Things happen so quickly.
    Nice bumper on your skid steer. That old Madrone tree will give it a little workout.

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