Yard Work, House Work and an ATV Ride Through the Redwood Forest

Sunday March 29, 2015 Guerneville CA.

Today, as I woke up, I was considering staying home and doing some housework and some yard work and maybe a ride up the hill on the ATV.

Some yard work and some house work

I started out with some yard work. There’s always something that needs picked up and piled up. In this case, it was some bamboo I’d cut down so the well driller could get his truck in. The bamboo needed the limbs cut off them and the limbs taken to the brush pile. I worked on that and then went in and did some much needed vacuuming of the house. I did some of it, until my back said I better take a little nap which I did.

After that, I went back out in the yard and puttered a little more.

An ATV ride

I was thinking I should take a ride up the hill in the redwood forest and retrieve the battery out of the bulldozer and bring it down so I could put the charger on it, as the dozer hasn’t been run all winter, so I got the tools I needed for that and headed on up the hill.

Water tanks are full

I stopped by our spring water tanks on the way and checked the gage to see if they were full of water and they were, so that was good.

Here’s a picture of our three stainless steel water tanks as I left to continue on up the hill.tanks


I rode up the old fire road through the forest to get to the top of the hill.road2


Guerneville CA.

This was my view from the lookout point at the top of the hill. It’s a view of the small town of Guerneville with the Korbel grape vineyard in the foreground.guerneville


I left the hilltop and went on down to check out some of the water springs to see how they were doing, riding through this area down the old road.trail


As I was riding through a sunny spot, I spied this six inch puffball mushroom that had opened up and was scattering it’s stuff which is the stuff inside it.puff


I was enjoying the ride as it was a nice day with the sun  was out as I continued to a spring I needed to check out down this road.road


Checked a water spring

I had taken this pipe apart last winter to let the water run freely through the winter. With the winter over, it was time to hook the pipe back together which I did.

Can you see the black pipe running water from one of our springs in the middle of this picture? One of the nice things about spring water on a hillside it the water runs down the hill and is free, besides tasting real good too.



Oh, oh, I forgot something

I worked my way down the hill enjoying the day and pulled back into my yard. As I pulled into the yard, I realized I’d forgotten to pickup the battery from the bulldozer. Darn. I needed to go back up the hill to get it, but first, I needed a little nap which I took.

Any fresh strawberries yet?

Then I walked over to my brother’s garden to see if any of his strawberries were getting ripe yet? They were all in bloom. Not many berries forming yet. I looked real hard and found one berry almost ripe, I picked it and ate it. It was real good fresh off the plant. Even though it wasn’t fully ripe, I bet it was a better berry then most people can get at the store.

Back up the hill to retrieve the battery

It was evening time now, so I hopped back on the ATV and rode back up the hill to the bulldozer.

I’ve just removed the battery from the bulldozer in this picture and have it on the ATV.bulldozer


I took a different road home. When I got home, I put the battery on the charger which I will leave for a few days to get it all charged up properly.

That pretty much sums up my day for another good one.

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2 Responses to Yard Work, House Work and an ATV Ride Through the Redwood Forest

  1. admin says:

    Hi Bill,
    No, That is not that vineyard. I’m looking down on Guerneville from the north, looking south. Safeway would be on the upper left end of that vineyard. Maxine’s hill is to the left of that vineyard and you can see the grammar school building off to the left of that. So, the town of Guerneville is to the top left of the vineyard and the Russian River is running from the left side to the right side of the top of the picture.

  2. Bill Henderson says:

    Hey Bob,
    Is that Korbel vineyard in the picture, the vineyard you drive pass on river road? Different view.

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