Plugged Pipes, Trail Work and Road Work In the Forest

Monday December 20, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Forest work day

I rode up into the hills with  my quad runner after gathering the tools I thought I would need and stopped to see why this spring water line was plugged up. I took the connector apart and found a little piece of wood in it. That fixed that and now lots of spring water is flowing down the pipe.pipe1


Trail work

Then I drove over to this spot where I worked on repairing trails for a couple of hours.quad2


Doing the work warmed me up nicely and I was able to remove a sweater and a shirt.

Break time

After working for a bit I took a break and walked around a bit. The little waterfall is looking good as now it has a bit of water in it. I hope to get up here to have a look during these next rain storms that are coming in tomorrow sometime.waterfall3


I also sat on this redwood log until I was rested up enough to continue on. It’s a nice peaceful area. No sounds except for the sounds of the forest.chair4


Checking roads

After a bit more work there, I got back on the quad and rode around the roads a bit.

Little rock dams

I added some rocks at some of the smaller water crossings to slow the water down and prevent larger ditches from forming. This little rock dam also catches silt which fills the ditch and  makes it a smoother road crossing. The rocks are a start. I’ll continue to add more rocks to improve the dam later on when I have more time, but even just these few rocks can help improve things greatly.rocks5


Rock slide

The last rain storm we had saturated the dirt in the hills so it created this slide, so I stopped to more the rocks out of the way until I can pick them up and use them somewhere to do repairs on water drainage.slide6


I threw off lots of little branches as I traveled along.brush7


Tree down

But some things stopped me cold so I turned around and took another road.trees8


Disconnecting some springs

I stopped here to open a valve to let out some spring water from the pipe I unplugged earlier as we don’t need that much water as I have another spring water line we use. That spring water line tends to get a bit murky from clay during storms so I sometimes disconnect it from the water system. The clay doesn’t hurt anything, some people buy it for medical purposes. But it keeps our water tanks cleaner if I disconnect the water.

The water valves are up in that little ravine on the other side of the quad runner which I will hike up to.quad10


I’m headed up to the water valves and looking back down at our water tanks.watertanks9


Water valves

That water line I fixed got turned out here at the valves and I’ll let it run until we need more water this summer or the rains stop and we need more water.valves11


Culvert check and cleanout

One more stop on the way home at this culvert to check to make sure it is not plugged up as with the rain storms coming we don’t want it to plug up.

This side looks good.culvert12


But this side has some sticks that need to be removed to prevent a plug, that’s why I stopped.sticks13


Let it rain

The sticks are removed and the water is flowing nicely now. Let it rain.water14


I headed on home from there with some daylight  still left about a half hour or so.

So, I let the chickens out into the front yard and sat around with them until it started to get dark.

Nice day.

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