Quartzsite To Algodones Mexico, Down Highway 95 To Find a Camp Spot

Sunday March 20, 2022 Algodones Mexico

Travel Day

I left Patti and Marty’s place just after 12 and headed south to Algodones, Mexico as I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, Monday.

I headed south on highway 95 and stopped at the big guns at Yuma Proving ground for a break and a nap. I got a few rain drops there, but not much.

Getting closer to Yuma, I started getting into the agriculture areas.road1


I was down here a year or two before covid and know of a good camp spot but could I find it and maybe they might have blocked the area since then, but they didn’t.

At first I parked here close to my old spot and got out and walked around a bit looking for my old spot.van2


I recognized the old spot so moved my van over to it here.van3


Big drops

Just after parking some big rain drops started falling for fifteen minutes or so them stopped. At least that little rain cooled things down some.raom5


I had a snack of this homegrown grapefruit Marty gave me just the other day. Very good, not bitter like the store bought ones.gra[e4


As it turns out I’m parked about as close to the pay parking lot as I can be, less than a block from it.

Tomorrow I’ll pull  my van over to the pay parking lot and walk on in to my dentist’s office where I have a 9 AM appointment.

That sore tooth has been letting me know it needs some work so it’s a good thing I decided to come down here to get it fixed up.

Nice day.

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  1. Gaelyn says:

    Hey, where is that camp?

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