Raiding My Brother’s Strawberry Patch Before the Rains Started

Monday February 1, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was supposed to rain today but so far it was only a very light drizzle as I got it going.

I wanted to get some more strawberry plants for my new planters from my brothers big strawberry patch as there were plenty of extra plants that had come up.

I put on my light rain coat just in case and a hat.

Digging up plants

I walked on over there and easily got a big plastic bag full of plants in short order.plants


Planting plants

I took the new plants back to my house and started planting as I was in  a hurry as the drizzle was starting to pick up and would soon turn to rain.

Hanging pots

These pots each has a plant in from the first planting I did the other day and could use some more plants.planters


I increased the plants to 4 per container and hung the pots back up.planted


New planters

This new planter could use some more plants.planter



I added enough to double the number of plants so I’ll get  lots more berries.berryplants


By the time I got to this one the drizzles were starting to get me wet so I hurried along not wanting to get too wet.pipeplanter


Got them planted

I still had one more planter to do and kept at it until it was done and then went in the house to warm up a bit and dry out.


As I headed for the house I could see the chickens also retreating to their pens. Chickens can handle some water but don’t like it when the rains pick up.raining


Cell phone work

I spent  the rest of the day working on trying to get my cell phone to phone through my computer’s Wi-Fi but try as I might I just couldn’t  make  it work.

Living in the hills and having all these big trees around the cell phone signals don’t’ work real well here which is ok because of that, I only use he cell phone when I travel.

So I eventually gave up on that for now and watched an old western movie.

Nice day.

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