Transplanting Raspberries and Moving Mulch To the Garden

Sunday February 7, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Yard work day

It was another sunny day and I had some yard work to do.

Digging up plants

I needed to finish digging up these raspberry plants and transplant them to the raspberry patch.

I had all these ones to dig up that came up in my vegetable garden and where taking it over.canes


I got a wheelbarrow full of raspberry plants and am headed to the raspberry patch with them to transplant.daffs


Planting plants in the raspberry patch

So once I got the plants to the raspberry patch I started digging and putting the plants in the ground.planting



That was a bit of work and it took longer than I thought it would so I got a bit tired out so a nap was in order once that was done.


After that I loaded woodchips, about five loads and moved them to the area I just dug the raspberry plants up from.chips



I got all the woodchips in the garden area and will let the chickens in soon to spread out the


Another nap was needed after that and by that time it was dark and time to close up the chickens.

Soaking feed

I had one more thing I wanted to do and that was to start about five days of feed to soak for the chickens. I put a days feed in a bucket and put enough water to cover the feed to start the sprouting process. This helps increase the value of the whole seeds I feed the chickens.

Once that was done my day was over.

Nice day.

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