Rain and Hail But Better Than Staying Home All Day

Saturday March 2, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It was showering today as I got it going so I stayed in the house for a bit. It started to let up a bit so I got on a rain jacket and rode my side by side up into the hills to visit a neighbor. I had to open this gate as I went onto their property. Lucky I wrote to combination down.gate

The rain showerers kept coming but with the top on the side by side I was mostly dry.view

High in the hills

The neighbors live up high on the hills. I found the guy home so I said get a rain jacket on and lets go take a look at where you want to make a dirt bike track with jumps as I’d said I’d help him out with that.

Old ranch

It was showering harder as we took off and rode on up higher on their property. This is the old Jack Luttrill ranch, but he’s dead and gone a long time ago.

Dirt bike track

He showed me where he wanted to make the dirt bike track and where he wanted to put some jumps in. I don’t do jumps as I like my wheels mostly on the ground, but I have no problem making jumps with the Skiddy.

After that we took a ride around the ranch and it started to shower more heavily and then turned to big hail and everything turned white. We were shooting the bull too much and I didn’t get any pictures.

The rain showers stopped and it started to rain a lot harder. I dropped him off at his place and headed for home.

Once home, it was nap time.

Nice day.

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