Rain, Chicken Research and Wet Chickens

Sunday December 15, 2018 Guerneville CA.

Rain to start and rain to finish

It was supposed to rain today and it did, all day mostly.

Once I got it going I got my umbrella and went out to feed the chickens. With all the rain they didn’t need any water.

Researching breeds

It was raining too much to get anything done today so I went back in the house and mostly did research on chicken breeds as I have about seven different breeds and I was wondering what their differences were and where they came from originally. I learned a lot but too much to remember, such as older age. :O)

Brahma chickens

I did find out my brahma chickens are an old homesteaders favorite as they get about twelve pounds and their laying time is October to May the time most other chickens stop laying for the winter. That sounded good. They do take longer to mature though. So far I’m not getting any eggs from any of my chickens, but expect some any day now.

Rain stopped for a bit

I worked on that, napped a bit on and off and just after 4 realized it was past time to let the chickens out in the yard to graze. I went outside to let them out and was surprised to see the rain had stopped.

Being cooped up and hanging under the roof all day they were eager to get out.

They wasted no time getting to the raspberry patch.chickens


Starts raining again

They were out there for about fifteen minutes when it started to rain again, first real light which the chickens didn’t mind.

Wet chickens

But shortly the rain picked up and started coming down hard which was too much for the chickens. They stayed out longer than they should and got pretty wet but it wasn’t long before they scooted for the chicken pens all wet.

Here are some of them coming back in all wet. You can see they aren’t all fluffed out as usual.chicks


They all hopped up on the roost and were drying out when I left them and I went in the house getting wet as I didn’t have my umbrella with me.

Keeping warm

I stopped at the wood pile and grabbed a load of wood on the way in for the woodstove to keep  me warm.

And that was my day for a wet one.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I’m sure you are happy for the rain at a time when you don’t usually see any, right? The chickens look like little old ladies running for cover. Probably clucking all the way. A nice warm fire on a wet day sounds great.

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