Raining, Shopping, Hunting Escrow and a Big Stump in the Creek

Monday December 21, 2015 Guerneville CA.

Lots of rain today

It was raining again today as I got it going. Harder than yesterday, so what to do today.

I decided to go to Santa Rosa and do some shopping for food. I knew it was close to Christmas and all the stores would be busy, but I also needed to go by the escrow people to sign some papers for some property the family sold. I checked with Google Earth before I left to help find the place and took off. Costco was real busy. So busy their parking lot was full, but I was lucky as a car pulled out just in front of me as I pulled in. I was in and out of there as with a corn type allergy, they don’t have mush I can buy anymore, but I wanted to get some Alaska cod. I bought some frozen and some fresh, but later I found out I shouldn’t’ have gotten the fresh stuff.

Can’t find the escrow place

Next I tried to find the escrow place at the spot where Google earth said it should be. I went up and down the street about ten times and the address just wasn’t’ there. It was pouring down rain. In the old days, I would have stopped at a phone booth and checked the address, but guess what, public phones are hard to find and I didn’t have my computer or gps with me, so I decided to give it up.

Darn meat pads

I drove on home and was putting the fish away, when I realized they use those darn pads under the fish which may contain a corn product. I soaked the fish in salt water for a bit, as I’ve learned this is what the Japanese do to get rid of fish smell, so I was hoping it might take care of the corn problem, but who knows? I then put it in the freezer. It’s getting harder to find pure food anymore that hasn’t been contaminated with some other food product. Too many things are added to store, ship and present our food and they don’t tell you that they are using some product that might not agree with you.

For instance Safeway started using the little pads under their fresh meet a few months ago. I sent an email asking what the pad is made of and what’s inside it, as the report from the corn avoidance list on the internet says some of them contain acidic acid, which is derived from corn. I got a conformation email and they said they’d find out and let me know. About a mouth later I sent another email asking if they were still working on it and they replied that they were. It’s been another month, so I sent them another email today asking if they were still working on finding the information for me. I’m thinking they aren’t going to tell me and are shining me on.

Big pepperwood stump stuck in the creek

It was raining hard all day, so after a nap, I went outside to the back of my house to see if the big pepperwood stump that came down and stuck in the creek last year had moved on or not. The creek was empty up until now, so I was hoping it had moved on before it creates a problem, maybe damning up the creek.

Here’s the stump in the creek and it’s catching a bunch of other sticks and stuff making a dam.stump

The creek is about half full and the stump hasn’t moved down the stream yet for some reason. Maybe it just needs more water which we should get in a couple days.

At least things looked ok and it wasn’t causing any problems yet, like maybe washing the creek banks out.

The rest of the day I spent in the house taking it easy and that was my day.

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