Rainy Day and a Campfire to Enjoy My Isolation

Wednesday March 18, 2020 Guerneville  CA.

Rainy day

I could hear the rain beating on the roof this morning so I stayed in bed an hour longer before getting up and getting it going.

House chores

It showered on and off most of the day so I decided to do some much needed inside chores like cleaning the floors which I did get done.

Nibbling carrots

Late in the afternoon I let the chickens out into the yard and then went over to my brother’s carrot patch and picked a few carrots to nibble on. What’s up Doc? :O)carrots


Then I got a campfire going and sat down and ate carrots and enjoyed the evening until it was time to put the chickens to bed.fire



Oh did I mention we are in isolation right now?

My campfire.DSC01379


Chickens in bed

Here’s the chickens in bed on their roost for the night.chickens


Nice easy day today, sitting around in isolation.

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2 Responses to Rainy Day and a Campfire to Enjoy My Isolation

  1. DAVID EVANS..upriver... says:

    Washington State Park..Alta Lake..if you want to check it out…
    I camped there 40 yrs ago, they are right …You can’t go back…Pack-em in like sardines, get more $$$$….
    So sad….

  2. DAVID EVANS..upriver... says:

    Looks as if the chicks are closer than 6′ to each other….FBI-DEA-ETC..be knocking at your hutch….;+)………..
    Not too tuff for some of us to stay away from others…eh?..
    Really nice up here today, went to a state park on a beautiful of a day, it was closed..
    They open on a certain date no matter what……Shoot!…
    The worker did let me walk around…….

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