Raspberry Plant Transplanting and The Wood Artist

Monday January 20, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Work day gardening

To avoid napping all day today I decided to do something not too complicated. Raspberry plants need to be transplanted so I round up my wheelbarrow and shovel and continued digging some plants up from this spot where I moved some from the other day.berries


I filled up the wheelbarrow with as many plants as I thought I could transport across the yard to the raspberry patch.dugup


Raspberry patch

I planted the first load in this spot.plant


Helpers not much help

I had some helpers but they mostly wanted to dig up the plants I just planted and hunt for worms.inspectors


More plants

After a good break I loaded up the wheelbarrow again with plants. Looks like I still have another wheelbarrow load but not today. I will leave a few plants  here to grow as I like to eat the berries when I’m walking around the garden.dugplants


Back to the raspberry patch with todays final load which I got planted, but just barely as I was wearing out.planting


More berry plants now

Not sure you can tell or not but there’s a lot more berry plants in here now then there was the other day.patch


Candy to me

It’s taken me several days to transplant the berry plants but when they produce raspberries they are corn free so a good thing for me. Eating them like they are or with a little sugar they are like candy to me.

I was finishing up with the berry planting just about the time the sun went down or at least behind the hills.sundown


I was happy to get those plants transplanted and now have most of them done. I still have a few more plants to put around the yard here and there and the transplanting will be done and then I can just wait   for the eating part.

Bennett Ewing, the Artist

So yesterday I said I met an artist down at Jenner while kayaking. He was hunting for pieces of drift wood and I stated he made bowls selling for around 15, to 30,000 bucks but I goofed on that. He did give me a card so I checked the web out for his web pages and was surprised to find this art he makes which is not bowls. :O)

It seems he glues the pieces of wood he finds into one of these. They are not carved but pieces are glued together to form his images.

Here’s an example I lifted off one of his web pages.eyewin



And another one.256-Eyevan


Man you just never know who or what you might find on the river.

That was my day. I got a bit of exercise in instead of sleeping all day. I did find researching,  that one of the effects of being corned was feeling real tired. Corn allergy causes quite a few different problems and people’s reactions seem to range over quite a few symptoms.

Nice day working away in the garden.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Nice to hear you are getting up and around more. Hopefully you will feel better each day.
    I’m sure it felt good to be out there again.

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