Transplanting Berry Vines and My Way of Eating Grapes

Saturday August 8, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Gardening day

I needed to do some berry vine transplanting as raspberry plants were overgrowing  my blueberry patch with vines. And my raspberry patch was sparse of plants in some spots so it could use the new berry plants from the blueberry patch.

Raspberry patch

You can see the raspberry patch could use some  more berry plants.patch


Blueberry patch

Here’s the blueberry patch with all the raspberry vines growing in it that need to be dug up to transplant to the raspberry patch.berryvines


I dug some holes in the raspberry patch first.holes


The new holes look like the gophers have been in here.holes3


Raspberry plants dug up

I then dug up all the raspberry plants in the blueberry patch and put them in the wheelbarrow for transport to the raspberry patch ready for planting.vineplants


Of coarse I needed a few breaks during all this work but I kept at it throughout the day.

Raspberry plants transplanted

I finally got all the new raspberry plants in the ground in the raspberry patch.planted


I finished planting the berries with a good watering which I will do again tomorrow too to make sure they get a good start.

Blueberry plant transplanting

Back to the blueberry patch I needed to move these two small blueberry plants to a better spot out in the middle of the blueberry patch.plants


That was easy digging as it’s all  mulched so I got that done fairly easy and now the blueberry patch is cleaned up good enough. I plan to put some fertilizer on the transplanted blueberry plants maybe tomorrow. I’d like to get the small plants to grow out some more.blueberries


Potato bonus

I was able to collect these potatoes out of the blueberry patch that the chickens dug up for me yesterday when I let them into the patch to do their thing and tear the place up.potatoes


All that was more work than I expected so I was beat by the end of the day.

Eating grapes my way

My grapes are getting ripe. I eat them as soon as they get ripe enough to eat by picking the ones off the bunch as they ripen. That way I get most of them. If they are left to all get ripe the critters might get them all so I’ve learned to eat them this way and I get them sooner too.grapes


Doesn’t matter

I thought I’d get more done today but hey I’m retired so it doesn’t matter.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Transplanting Berry Vines and My Way of Eating Grapes

  1. Nancy K says:

    New reader here. Oh how I would love to have your garden, but I travel too much. I can definitely relate to being tired and retired!!

    • Bob says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Yes traveling can get in the way of a garden. Sometimes I miss something real good getting ripe when I’m gone but that’s ok as the next year they get ripe they’re even better.

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