Ray and I Enjoy Paddling Around the Estuary and New Tires for the Car

Tuesday January 13, 2015 Jenner CA.

I got up this morning and first thing tried to make a doctors appointment again with no luck. I think my contact guy is on vacation or sick or something.

Next, I called Country Tire to see if they got the tires in for my car and they had so I made an appointment for Thursday morning to have them installed on my car.

Ok, enough of that stuff messing around on the phone. I headed on down to Jenner to kayak for the day.

Ray’s truck was in the parking lot and I could see him up the river a bit. I put my boat in the water and headed on up that way too where I caught up with him just above Penny Island.

We continued on up the river with no real purpose in mind other than enjoying the day.

This was our view as we paddled along up the shoreline.russianriver


As we passed under Buzzard rock, Ray says there’s some vultures up on that rock. There were three turkey vultures getting some sun up on the rock.vultures


We paddled up to Muskrat and dallied there for a spell. Ray was feeling like taking it easy today, so we decided to not go for a walk today and decided to head on down to the river’s mouth area to check it out as we hadn’t been down that way for awhile.

I’m following Ray along the shoreline here headed back down the river. Not much wind and it was getting warmer as we went.jenner


We spotted some white looking things up on the hill in the grass and were trying to figure out what they were. As we got closer, they appeared to be some kind of animals. We couldn’t make out what kind, maybe horses with white blankets on them? We didn’t really think they were cattle as the ones that had been in the area were black and these things had a bunch of white on them.

After looking at the pictures on my computer, I determined they were indeed cattle. I had to look them up. They turned out to be Belted Galloway’s. A hardy animal that does well on grasses and apparently an expensive meat.beltedgalloway


We continued paddling on down to the river’s mouth with this view. The day was looking nice.river


This pair of male merganser ducks worked their way by us along the shoreline.merfansers


And we passed by this goldeneye duck.goldeneye


And this duck too.duck


It was just starting to go to high tide so we pulled into the mouth area and sat a spell looking out into the Pacific ocean.mouth


We decided to go to shore on the sand bar separating the river from the ocean so we put our boats ashore here and got out for a stretch.kayaks


This was our view of the open river’s mouth with harbor seals and seagulls on the sandy beach looking north.rivermouth


And the south view of the jetty with goat rock in the background.jetty


There were a couple brown pelicans bathing in the water near by and a couple seagulls too.pelicans

We left there and headed on in for the day  and took our boats out of the water and headed on home.

On the way home, I decided to go by the Country Tire guys to get my new tires installed, thinking they might not be too busy at this time of day and then I wouldn’t have to do it in the morning, on Thursday. I got lucky as they weren’t too busy and installed my new tires and I headed on home.

I tried once more to get a doctors appointment, through the front desk this time. I ended up at the same guys phone and he wasn’t there, so I left another message. His message on the answering machine went something like this. I’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. I think a better way for him to have said that is I’m out sick or on vacation for a day, or something more understandable than what he said.

I gave up and hit the couch for the rest of the day.

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2 Responses to Ray and I Enjoy Paddling Around the Estuary and New Tires for the Car

  1. admin says:

    Hey Barry,
    You sound like my VA nurse, which said, yes, we know all about your brush with the bbq wire. :O)

  2. Barry says:

    I think I heard your VA contact guy had a bar-B-que the other day and is out with gastro distress.something about a brush with death.

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