Ride To the Ocean and Laying Out a Pipeline In the Forest

Saturday May 18, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Trailer work

I mounted the stake brackets to the trailer with a couple of bolts.bracket1

And then I put a couple more coats of paint on the pipes and let them dry.

Going for a ride

I haven’t been down to the ocean for quite some time now, so I got in my car and rode on down to the overlook at the river’s mouth.

This is the view looking south over the river and into the ocean.ocean2

Looking North, the river is flowing out into the ocean.river3

And I could see a bunch of harbor seals and birds resting on the sandy beach.sealls4

Harbor seals and some cormorants.seals5

And there were some brown pelicans there too.pelicans6

After a good look, I headed for home.

Flagging a pipe line

I’d like to run one of the springs way down the hill to another spot that would be nice it if had some water. I rode the bike up into the hills and parked here, where the pipe would cross the road from the spring up above.bike

The idea is to walk through the woods and put up flags where I think the water pipe should go. It’s important that the pipe line has a nice even slope on the way down the hill and doesn’t go up and down, so the flags are carefully laid out working my way down the hillside.ribbon7

I walked and laid flags all the way down to the spot where I want the water, then I turned around and walked back up to the spring, adjusting the flags to better spots as I went.ribbon8

I have a good line of flags, now I need to walk the line and count my steps to estimate how much pipe I will need, but not today.

Nice day.

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