Trailer Racks, New Van Solar Controller and Digging a Pipeline

Sunday May 19, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Trailer racks

I finished up my trailer racks and got them mounted.trailer1

Van’s new solar controller project

I got some  new solar stuff for the van and a new lithium battery. The first thing I needed to do was unhook all the old solar stuff on the van and remove it so there’s room for the new stuff.van2

Then I worked on mounting the new solar controller. I had to do some modifications as the new unit was larger than the old unit.controller3

That was enough work on that for one day.

Digging a pipeline

Then I got my tools and rode on up to the spot where I want to run some spring water down the hill from a spring. To do that, I needed to make a ditch for the pipe, but in the hills one just makes a small trail for the pipe to lay the pipe on, so that’s where I started. I’d flagged the route yesterday with colored ribbon, so I could keep the line going in the right direction.

I parked here and went up the hill to the right to dig the pipeline trail.rig4

Since it’s just for a pipe, the trail doesn’t have to be very wide. The main thing is the pipeline can’t go up and down or the water won’t flow well as the ups and downs create air bubbles that stop the water from flowing.pipeline5

I worked a couple of hours on it and got it down to here.trail6

Then I rode on over to this overlook area for a break.view

Once I was rested up, I went back and did a couple more hours of digging.log7

I  made it down to here for a good start and was now pretty worn out.pipeline8

That was enough exercise for one day, so I  headed on home.

Nice day.

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