Dirt Bike Ride and a Hike Through the Forest Looking For Some Old Roads

Tuesday August 3, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Ride and hike

I heard a motor bike outside this morning and when I looked my brother Barry was outside on his dirt bike. So I went out and he said do you want to go for a hike and check out some old roads.

I said sure just give me a bit to get it going.

So after I got it going we hopped on the dirt bikes and rode up into the hills where last summers forest fire burned through in the state park and near one of our neighbors gates so that’s where we rode up todirtbikes1



We parked by the gate and started walking down this old road.trail2


The road didn’t go far and soon petered out so we continued on down the hill with no road or trail, rather steep.hill3


Park trail

We were looking for a couple more old roads but missed them and ended up on a park trail at the bottom of the hill which went down along the creek.trail4


It was a nice trail and we took it until it came out on a main dirt road we knew.

Nice trail.logs5


Hiking back up the hill

We were still looking for the old roads but we’d missed them and had to get back up the hill to where our dirt bikes were parked so we started up the hill here with no trail. I followed Barry so if you watch him you’ll see this hill we were going up was fairly steep. The forest fire had burned all through this area.hillup6


Up we went. I had to call a break more than once.trees7


We climbed through this area on up.hill8


And sometimes we went under stuff.trees9


And we kept at it, up, up and up. It was a nice forest to hike through even after the forest fire and even though it was steep.hill10


We finally hit a ridge top that we could keep following on up. We were looking for the main road up there that we rode the dirt bikes in on which we knew was up ahead somewhere near the top of the hill.ridge11


Final scramble

And finally we saw the road, so did the final scramble up to it.road12


This is the main road up here, called Pool Ridge Road. Our dirt bikes where about a half mile of so up the road where we parked them.road13


Wobbly legs

Nice to get back to the dirt bikes as my legs were worn out and fairly wobbly.bikes14


Drink at the spring

Barry says let’s ride down to our spring and get a drink of water so we did, a few miles of riding.spring15


Barry also checked the springs flow, just over a gallon a minute. It’s increasing slightly and not dropping which his good.

Nap time

From there we headed for my house and Barry took off for home and I took off for a nap as I was beat.

Later I looked at the van for a bit trying to figure out some more wires and then chair hopped for the rest of the evening.

Sure got some good exercise today.

Nice day.

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