Roughing Out the Old Animal Trail

Thursday July 28, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Trail work

My back did ok yesterday when I worked on the trail so today I rode back up into the forest to do some more trail work. I wanted to rough out the part of the old animal trail I’ve been checking out.

Roughing it out

Mainly I wanted to make the parts of the old trail better in places it wasn’t so good. And I only wanted to rough it out so I can adjust it more on the next step to make it even more level than it was in some places.

The old trail goes through here. The trail’s not much in this spot but it’s at least is fairly level in this spot so it didn’t get much work yet as I worked on the worst spots first. And I could get through this spot without breaking my neck.trail1


The old trail goes through here too, another fairly good spot.trail2


Good place for a chair

I worked on mostly the steeper areas for a few hours, then headed back to the start of the trail where the chair was and you know what I did there.chair4



I needed a rest so I spent some time in that chair just sitting and enjoying the peace of the forest.view3


Blocked road

Eventually I started for home going down this way when I could see the way was blocked. I’d forgotten about these downed trees.road5


The trees had the road blocked good so I turned around and picked another route.trees6


A nicer way

This was the other route I picked to get down the hill which was actually a nicer way down than the way that was blocked with the trees.road7


Nice day.

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