Shopping For Cornless Stuff and I Visit With Joe

Wednesday April 17, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

Every once in awhile I need to go to the shopping centers to do some shopping for food and project supplies.

So today was the day.

I went to Walmart to get some paint. I hate having all the stuff locked up so you can’t look at stuff until you get someone to unlock it. But I waited patiently and someone finally showed up to unlock the cabinet. The wait made me forget to get one of the colors of paint I wanted,I guess I didn’t really need that color.

Next it was to Costco. I’m switching my diet to  mostly carnivore because of  my corn allergy as there is some kind of corn in most food products, so I thought I’d try this as I’ve tried most other food stuff.

My mission today was to buy a couple of frozen hamburger packages of different kinds to try them out to make sure they were cornless.  And to have a look at all the different kinds of meat products I might buy at a later time. Now you might think it’d be easy to find cornless food, but it isn’t. For instance, the pad under most meats is full of citric acid which should come from citrus fruit, but it doesn’t. It comes from a product that they grow on corn and that’s only the start. FDA requires all chickens to be dipped in the same citric acid and it is also required to smear it on all animal carcasses during processing.

So, I’m interested in bulk meats that are not on the outside of the carcass, for BBQing, so I had a look at all of those. I think most of them are cornless, but the only way to be sure is to buy some and test for it, by eating them. Unfortunately, that is the only way to be sure. Some of them did look promising.

Hardware stores

I needed a circle center finding device to work my pipe cuts more accurately and looked at three different  places for one, but found none. I’ll have to order one online.


On the way home, I stopped to visit my friend Joe. I arrived just in time for his afternoon coffee. Good timing. He advised me on where to get some new steel metal as my supply of the good stuff is very low which limits my designs of projects I make. And I need some to make a metal rack to tidy up  my garage as I  have metal all over the floor. We had a good visit and then I headed for home to unload the stuff I purchased.

After that, I was tired out and it was nap time.

Nice day.

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