Some shopping, Some Visiting and Some Computer Repairs

Thursday July 11, 2013 Guerneville, CA.

I woke up this morning feeling a little on the not so hot side. It might have something to do with the large dose of antibiotics I’m taking for this tooth infection, maybe that’s throwing my system off? Who Knows?

So I didn’t seem to have much energy to do much and eventually decided it’d be a good day to do some visiting and some shopping and a guy I knew needed some help with his computer problem.

I started with the shopping. I knew I could get that done. It went ok, but they didn’t have the propane BBQ I wanted, or at least I didn’t find where the were hiding them?

After that, I went on into Santa Rosa the back way and did some visiting with some friends for the afternoon. We shot the bull until about five PM.

I was feeling a bit better by this time, so I went to the guys house with the not so good computer. His problem is he bought an upgrade dvd of Win8, but lost his xp dvd so when we installed win8, there wasn’t anything to tell it, it was an upgrade. The end result was win8 worked ok, but it wouldn’t get any updates until it was activated.

Just recently he found his xp dvd disk, so now the problem was how to tell win8 about the xp dvd we had? That proved to be not so easy as I couldn’t find a way to get the new win8 installation to look at the xp dvd.

I tried several things and finally just wiped the drive and installed xpsp2 on the drive, which whet well, …….but. :O)

Now the machine wouldn’t connect to the internet for some reason, so I couldn’t go online to activate xp. OK, maybe I can just install win8 over xp anyway. I tried several things to no avail as it finally told me that xp would have to be updated  to xp sp3. Oh, oh, I don’t have the internet working so I can’t get sp3, catch 22, as sp3 would likely also get the internet to work.

At least I got that far, things would have worked if I had internet, but for some reason the internet was down just at this time, when I needed it.

I had to give up for now, until he gets his internet going. All the hoops one has to jump though sometimes to get windows installed seems to me to be insane. I guess that’s why some people just go out and buy a new computer.

I’m feeling better now and I had a good day, despite the slow start this morning.

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