Sore Back and a Dirt Bike Ride to Check On the Fire Guys

Sunday September 6, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Sore back day

My back got sore after working on the Hermit’s spring yesterday so this morning when I got up it was a bit sore so I got out the ice pack pad and laid on that for about a half hour, put it back in the freezer and did it again between naps and some chair hopping in the yard.

Back’s feeling better

Around 2 it felt a bit better and I wanted to put some tape on a water line leak up in the hills. I wasn’t sure how my back would be doing that so that’s all I had planned to do on the dirt bike today.

Fixing the leaky pipe

I rode up to this spot where the water leak is as you can see in front of the dirt bike it is wet from the  black hose above. All I have to do is somehow get the hose down far enough to wrap some tape around the pipe. I was able to get up the hill and pull it down in the trees enough to get to the hole. Rats and squirrels some times eat  holes in the plastic pipe to get to the water, especially in the fall. I think this was a squirrel.leak


Once I got that little chore done my back was feeling pretty decent so I decided to ride up the hill further and see what the fire guys were doing.

Cloverdale guys

I ran into these guys on standby resting up and watching for flare ups. I used to work in Cloverdale for a few years and since that’s where these guys are from we had quite a nice chat.truck


After chatting with those guys I decided to ride on to to Robert’s place to shoot the bull for a bit and give them this picture of where all the old trains ran around the lower river. Thinking of it maybe some of you are interested so I’ll get it and put it  here now. Some of the larger black lines are train tracks too.

Railroads of old on the river

railroad old1


I’ll blow it up a bit for ya.railroad old2


Water truck waters road

Well I couldn’t raise anyone at Robert’s place so I headed on back down the road where I almost ran over this water truck. He was putting some water on the road and turned the water off as he passed so I didn’t get wet.truck2


Back at the Coverdale spot a Santa Rosa Commander had pulled up so I stopped again and caught up with the fire news and shot the bull a bit. commander



On the way home I stopped at Tom’s garden for some strawberries. The weeds have over grown the plants but there’s still plenty of berries in there and I ate my


I rode on home and put the bike away and got the ice pack out again and used it just to be safe and right now my back is doing pretty good, much better than last night.


It was hot out today so I mostly stayed in and rested until evening when I went out and joined the chickens in the yard. I usually let them out in the front yard a couple hours before dark which gives them plenty of time to get stuff to eat but not enough time to get up on the porch and poo so that seems to work well, letting them into the yard just before dark.
They have plenty of other yard places they can get into earlier in the day so they are mostly happy chickens or at least they should be.

I did more than I thought I would today and my back is feeling better, so.

Nice day.

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One Response to Sore Back and a Dirt Bike Ride to Check On the Fire Guys

  1. Nancy K says:

    Sadly now the fires are raging around Shaver Lake in the South. Literally the entire State has been on fire.
    I love that you let the chickens out. Ours had the run of the ranch during the day, but we always put them up at night. Too many coyotes.
    The map of the trains … that’s very interesting (I’m all about the old trains). Was there a large lumber mill around there?

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