Spring Fertilizing and Looking for a Strawberry Planter

Thursday January 21, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Yard work day

I had a bit more energy this morning when I got up but I knew I wasn’t back up to par yet.

Strawberry plant planters

I’ve been thinking of my strawberry plants or what I had of them before the chickens wiped them out. I  needed some other way to grow them to keep the chickens out of them.

I remembered there’s an 8 inch diameter pipe up in the hills that had the side cut off as it was used as a planter before and if I hang it with  wires where it’d get watered it would work out good so I hopped on the quad runner and rode on up to where I remembered it was, in this ditch.ditch


It’s stuck

The 8 inch pipe is cut out on the side you can’t see and the bad part is the pipe was stuck in there more than I wanted to work on today so I had to leave it for now or maybe find something else that will do the job.pipe


Back at the house I wanted to get the rest of what I wanted to fertilize in the yard done as we  have some showers and  maybe rain coming in soon.

Blueberry patch

I spread this fertilizer in the white sack out in the blueberry patch as there’s a lot of woodchip mulch in there that eats nitrogen.patch


After that I wanted to go to the back yard and do the raspberry patch but I  had to get through the chickens first. I let them in the front yard.gate


Raspberry patch

I scattered the fertilizer pellets around in the raspberry patch then put a sprinkler on the patch to get a head start just in case the rain is light.water


Citrus trees

The last things I had to fertilized was my big avocado tree and these new tangerine trees I planted last year that has some frost protection on them.citrus


This was my sunset from one of my chair hopping chairs.sky


Mink on the river

‘Don in comments said he saw a mink in one of my header pictures and wanted to know if it was on the Russian River. Yes the mink was on the river just below Monte Rio where I’ve seen them the most but not often as I think they are mostly a night critter. I haven’t seen one in a long time.

Anyway it was a day of puttering again mostly trying to get all the spring fertilizing done as spring is coming on fast around here.

Nice day.

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