Staying Home Instead of Shopping

Friday August 13, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Cancel shopping

My intentions to day were to go do some shopping and I got ready to go before coming to  my senses. I don’t need to go to Wal-Mart on a Friday. I put it off until next week and the other places can wait too.

Getting an appointment with VA

I tried to make an appointment for a checkup at VA but since I haven’t had an appointment with them since before the virus they’d kicked me out or something. Anyway I had to just get them to put me back on and I was able to get an appointment today, in a couple months which is fine with me.

What to do

So after that I did some chair hopping to decide what to do besides chair hopping.

Dash wires sorted out

I needed to get these dash and gauge wires labeled and figured out so I worked on that for awhile getting most of the wires labeled.wires


I worked on some other things on the van that needed done and figured out what else I need to buy, between hopping chairs.

Oh, and there was another big mouse in the rodent trap to deal with.

Castors on the chair

The chair I use in my van had  these big white castors I tried but don’t turn well so I bought what I thought might work the other day while at the stores.

The only problem was the new wheels shaft was too small and would wobble if I didn’t  make something to tighten them up but when I took those big white wheels off there was just what I needed to made the new wheels work, some plastic inserts that made it all the right size.wheels


The Chair

That old chair may not look like much but it’s what makes my old van work. In van’s you can’t stand up in, you can walk around on your knees or roll around in your old chair which makes things much nicer and comfy. And it needs a pillow but hey, that’s easy to wash when it needs it. I’ve repaired this hand me down chair many times so far and will likely keep doing it as it serves the purpose and works just fine.chair


Young chickens

I’ve noticed the younger chickens are starting to get up on the roosts during the day so maybe they’ll start doing the same at night soon.birds


And the younger birds are getting further away from their pens as each day passes.chickes


Ripe strawberries

Late in the evening I visited the strawberry patch. Lots of nice red ripe ones.berries



And I sat around the yard until just after the sun went down and  the chill started to fill the air. That’s the time the last chickens head for the roosts too, so I headed in for the


Nice day.

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