The Hike at Jenner

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013, Jenner, CA.

The plan for the day was to hike around the island again today, but.

I arrived at Jenner bright and early around eleven in the morning. It was a bit on the windy side, but it was a warmer wind, so it was sorta nice.

Ray showed up at the last minute.

I just was about to put my boat in the water, when I heard a beep, beep and looked up and Ray just pulled in his truck, so I waited a bit for him to unload and we headed across the river to the island, noting it was a little windy today. From there we slowly paddled up to the Eagle’s landing area.

A good day for a hike up the hill.

Since it was a bit windy, seemed a good day to go for a hike up the hill here, instead of like I planned on Penny Island as Ray had never been up the hill here. He’s got two replaced knees and a hip, but he gets around so good on them I thought he could handle the hike up the hill, so we pulled the boats in, tied them up so they’d be there when we got back and started up the hill to he ridge overlook area first.

A real brushy area.

It’s a real bushy area, and can only be gotten though, if you know where the trail goes though the brush and………….it has a lot of poison oak, so if one doesn’t like that stuff, it can be hazardous to your health. Lucky Ray and I don’t catch it much.

The ridge overlook area.

We hiked up the ridge, winding around on the trail and made it to the ridge overlook, where I took these pictures of the river, as you can see below.

This one of looking toward the highway one bridge, looking up the river.



And the below picture is of Jenner, looking across the river.



I wasn’t too sure how Ray was going to do, as he just got his new hip replacement not too long ago, but he seemed to be doing ok for an older man. :O)

We continued on to the rock of  the Old Indian lady’s Face.

So, we hiked over to the rock of the old Indian Lady’s Face, which you can see in the picture below. It’s the one just to the left of center, since we already made it up this high, it wasn’t hard to get to it.



Good views all around us.

There are good views from all of this area, but the main one was up on the rocky uprising on the main ridge top, which overlooks the Goat Rock area, which you can see, just to the left of center in this picture, as we were standing on the old Indian faced lady’s rock, just getting ready to head out to it.



The best view is the rocky out cropping on top of the ridge.

From this rocky outcropping, one can get a 360 degree view which takes in the Pacific Ocean and the river area too. That’s Ray standing on the rock outcropping checking it all out. He’s looking south toward Bodega Head, which is the land going out into the ocean as far as you can see in the mist, below.



Looking west across the great Pacific ocean, is what the picture below is of. Goat Rock would be just to the right of that little knoll in the picture.



We spent at least a couple hours on the hike, before heading down the hill back to our boats.

The trail is fairly overgrown with brush.

The trail is fairly overgrown with brush, but if you know where to get through, it’s not too bad.

Below, is what part of the trail looked like, if you can make it out in the brush? It’s just to the right of center in the picture.



Older guys get tired doing this stuff.

When we got back down to the river, our boats where still there, so we hopped into them and headed back down the river, where Ray claiming he was a bit tired, decided to take his boat out and I headed down toward the west end of Penny Island to look around some more. As I approached the area, I felt a bit on the tired side myself, so after a short time, I headed back to the visitor’s center take out, loaded up my boat and went home.

Nice day at Jenner.

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