The Hike that didn’t Work Out

Monday, Nov. 12, 2012, Jenner, CA.

Kayaked and tried a hike at Jenner today.

It was a sunny and crisp winter day at the river. I put in around eleven this morning, with a light breeze blowing, but not bad. I paddled up the river a mile or so and decided to hike up to the Indian lady face rock. Of course, I haven’t been up to this rock in a year or so and things do grow fast down here, making it hard to find the trail up there. It started off ok, but then when it went though some berry bushes, I lost it, as everything was more over grown then I wanted to deal with getting though there. I tried several different ways trying to find a way up, but finally gave up for now and decided I already had enough exercise for one day.

Below, you can see the rock up the hill. Getting there through the bush and trees wasn’t exactly possible today.



So, after a rest on shore, I got back in  my boat and headed down to the river mouth to see what’s going on down there. High tides have opened the mouth a bit a day or so ago, as you can see in the picture below.


I hung around the mouth area for an hour or so before I got hungry and decided I’d go home and get something to eat. I left around four PM today.

On another note, I ordered my fuel injection  today.

My old van has a carburetor on it, which means it smells of gas, a lot, when it gets hot. It also takes a while to get started when it is real hot after shutting it off when I stop for a bit.

I just had the carb rebuilt, but a friend suggested I look into injection as they have kits that make the conversion fairly easy and all my carb problems are supposed to disappear once the carb is gone.

I found a kit that uses all GM parts, except they build a wire harness to make it all work easy for about 1300 dollars. Sounds like a bit of cash, but if it will make it all work better it’s not bad for what it does. I had to get another intake manifold to make it work, which arrived  a couple days ago, so this morning, I ordered the  injection kit, which should be here in a week or so, then I’ll just have to install it.

And I ordered some more stuff too.

As long as I was in the buying mode, I also ordered two other things, I’ve been thinking about. I ordered an under the van propane tank, so it won’t be inside the van anymore, which is much safer. Once I get that, I have to install it. That was on sale for four hundred bucks.

I also ordered a Wave3 propane heater for the van. It’s a little larger than the type I now have and is a safer type propane heater than  the one I have now. That was also on sale for 214 dollars. That will have to be hooked to the new propane tank, along with my cooking stove. I hope I can find a place to mount it inside the van. No choice, I’ll have to find a place.

I’ve got my work cut out for me as soon as the rest of this stuff arrives. I’m tired of working on the van and just want to use it, but these things will make life much nicer and easier, so it has to be done, the sooner the better.

Had a great day.

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