Things Looked Good At the Tire Shop, But Than Went Bad

Monday October 10, 2022 Jordan Valley, Oregon

Last night’s camp spot

We pulled into Antelope Reservoir just about dark last night. There were some people in my regular camp spots so we drove on past them and ended up in the dry reservoir bed were we woke this morning.vans1


There was very little water in the reservoir, almost dry, but there were some white pelican’s feeding in what was left of the water, not far from us.pelicans2


Road out

This is the road we took on the way out back across the dry reservoir bed.road3


And we went out on this road to get back to the main highway north, highway 95.road4


To the tire shop

We had about 45 miles to go to get to Jordan Valley were I knew there was a place that could do tire repairs as I’d been there before.

Jordan Valley

We pulled into the gas station there and they got right on it.

Once the guy had the tire off the rim he showed me the damage to the tire when it went flat and it was questionable. Since messing with all the rocks in the area, doing what we do, questionable tires are out of the question so we got a new one ordered up that was supposed to be delivered just before dark, so all was good.,,,,,,,,,,,But.

Resting up mode

Anyway the guy said we could park in their wrecking yard and wait for the delivery, so that’s what we did. We needed some rest time anyway as we’d been out working hard having a good time crawling over all those rocks, so we parked here and went into rest up mode until the tire delivery.vans5


Wrecking yard

This is where we spent our day.yard7


There was a pasture with cattle on the other side of the yard that looked real nice.cows6



The sun went down and the coyotes let loose out there for about five minutes. They weren’t far away.sunset8


Tires are here

About seven the guy came to get me as the tire delivery guy just showed up, so I drove on over there thinking all was good.


However, we couldn’t find my tire in the bunch that was delivered so he got on the phone. Long story short, the tires were back ordered, so we had to think a bit and make some new plans.


We’ll have to drive about fifty miles farther north where there’s lots of tire guys. So tomorrow when we get it going we’ll get on the phone and see if I can find the tire I need and drive on up there, then continue on from there on our exploring trip. Good tires are a must to do what we want to do, explore the desert.

Tonight’s camp spot

In the mean time we moved further back into the wrecked cars to get further away from the highway to this spot. Marty set up the game cam. He hasn’t been getting anything coming around the van’s at night, so far.camp9


Marty and I are both mechanics so we are at home in the wrecked cars. :O)

I try to take all this kind of stuff in stride and as just part of the trip, which it is, so no real big concerns and we’ll get it done, eventually, and be back on our way.

Nice day.

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4 Responses to Things Looked Good At the Tire Shop, But Than Went Bad

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I’m not surprised you feel at home, the way you love your vans. Good luck in your search.

  2. Patritia says:

    I’m not surprised you feel at home, the way you love your vans.

  3. Gaelyn says:

    You guys fit right in there, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Tires are especially important with your kind of driving. Good luck today.

  4. Nancy K says:

    Nice view you have there!!! Did he get anything on the camera?

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