Time for an Adventure to Jarbidge, NV.

Preparation time, getting ready to go.

First thing I did today was start packing the van for my coming trip to the Jarbidge, Nevada area. Just a bunch of little things to do. Put in my heavy down comforter and pack what food I might need for the trip.

After that, I went down to Jenner to kayak for a few hours. Nothing special happening down there today, the wind was down and it was nice.

I came home around four pm and did some more packing of things. Tomorrow, I’ll finish up the packing, check the tires for air and maybe grease the van a bit and wash the windows.Then, I’ll load my refrigerated food and should be ready to depart sometime in the afternoon. I’ll be heading east on highway eighty. My first real stop will be in Fernley, NV, where I want to check out a super Wally’s for a ceramic heater to replace my inferred one if I can, just for safety. I’m also in the market for a CB radio for my van. I’ll try to do an internet report there if  I can, otherwise, I’ll mostly be out of internet access most of the time this trip.

I’m headed for the most northeastern part of Nevada, that’s where Jarbidge is located. I plan to write the blog as I go and post when I can. Once in this area, I’ll likely be able to post from Twin Falls, ID. if I go out to there for supplies or something. This trip is planned to be a week to two weeks. Two weeks if I can figure out how to slow down a little and not rush around so much as I’ve done in my younger life.

A desert road in the Jarbidge area below.dessroad


The rivers in this area cut about a thousand feet into the earth over time. That’s the Jarbidge river down there.



A view of the Jarbidge river form down in the canyon.



Isn’t this a beautiful river? It’s so hard to get into this canyon that it is hardly fished. The fish just jump on your hook, if it gets in the water, no kidding. :O)



The place is loaded with old Indian caves, this is just one of them.



Jarbidge is high desert country. It has creeks and rivers with water. I plan to explore my way all the way over there, once I reach Winnemucca, NV. I’ll head north a bit on highway 95 and turn east on highway 290 at Paradise Valley, NV. There are some lakes near there called Chimney Dam Reservoir, I plan to check out and then work my way further east toward Jarbidge.

So, if everything goes right, I’ll be off tomorrow afternoon for a jolly adventure. I haven’t been in this area for about ten years now, so I’m eager to see it in it’s fall glory.

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2 Responses to Time for an Adventure to Jarbidge, NV.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Alex,
    Although I no longer fish, the fishing is good in that area as lots of the creeks have water in them and fish too as well as the river and yes there is bull trout as well as quite a few other species of trout.


  2. Alex Manning Hodson says:

    how was the fishing out there? i hear they have bull trout…alex

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