Trail Work and the Quad Runner Has a Flat Tire

Saturday June 12, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Air leak

The last time I rode the quad runner it seemed like the back right tire was low on air so I jacked the quad up to look for an air leak but couldn’t find any holes. quad1


Trail work

I aired up the tire and was off for the hills to do some more trail work as it’s good exercise.

This was the first place I stopped to do some trail work,  mostly throwing more tree sticks off the trail.trail2


Tire’s flat again

I noticed that tire was flat again but I was able to ride the quad with the flat but it did make steering harder as it didn’t always want to go the way I wanted it to.

I did some more trail work in this area working my way up the trail.trail3


Once I made it to the top of the trail I turned around and headed back down to my  house for a good break.


Then I worked on the old well sediment removal. I’m not sucking up much course sand anymore but a finer sand so maybe I’m at the bottom. I think I’ll give it one more day.well4


The loquats are all getting ripe so I ate some of them today.loquats5


And I ate some blueberries as some of them are starting to ripen.blueberries6


Cracked tire

Late in the day I jacked up the quad to check the tire for leaks again and found there was a crack in the old tire that was leaking. I’m not sure how I’ll fix that.keaj7


I think these tires are the original ones and are thirty one years old so the crack might have something to do with that.

The rest of the day I sat around enjoying the evening as it was real nice out.

Nice day.

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